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Customers due to the economic crisis the influence of the change in the past some long-term forecast procurement strategy, placing more flexible, hope delivery cycle in advance, behind MOQ reduction, emergency rapidly growing small orders, showed a trend of fragmentation order. And the customer authorized agent or the original factory because of the various factors cannot give the customer to cooperate, at this time will need a variety of small batch procurement of the packaging business service.

The company has effectively captured a strong demand from customers such as the One created by the economic crisis, and launched a new service project: all-in-one packaging services. We improve service process set big customer commissioner service a customer's packaging supplies demand alone, up to the whole offer clients long-term stock partial supply capacity of nearly two hundred makings, the customer inventory burden effectively, and also improve the efficiency of customer communication with suppliers, reduce customer communication window, in the big clients with the Vendor of the Reduction process. In various electronic market, supply each customer hundreds of materials, and is likely to complex problems, must match with the company strictly internal management system, such as perfecting the system of information, strict financial control, professional service personnel, etc. With general single material PPV project services differ, trillion heng DE committed to through to the customer provides the omni-directional All - in - one package service, become the essential strategic suppliers to the customer supply chain management