Sluggish material handling service Bom service Spot service Cost saving services Technical value-added services All-in-one packaging service

The company has a mature AE and detailed FAE team, they provide customers with a variety of technical solutions, including bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo, LCD TV, set-top boxes, mobile phones, electric meter, etc., these customers highly recognised professional technical team, currently 50% of the company's performance from the scheme design, 90% is the result of the discovery and development of new demand.In addition, the company provides the following value-added services for customers:

Drying and vacuum packaging services:

Hengde can provide customers with humidification and vacuum packaging services to ensure customers' demand for production and quality control.

Alternative product recommendation service:

Hengde senior technical engineers can provide and recommend alternative products to customers, from product specifications, to specifications, to engineering samples, one-stop

Logistics services:

Zhaohengde can provide various logistics service support to customers, including global express support, warehousing, import and export declaration, domestic value-added tax and tax transaction, etc., to integrate and optimize the logistics of customers