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The strict quality inspection process is the core part of the quality control system. In order to ensure that customers are "satisfied with the purchase", every inspection step we have made will ensure effective and effective implementation. We have advanced testing process, professional testing equipment, with experienced IQC engineer, more professional responsible work attitude, ensure that our customers receive the world first-class quality of the goods.
Step 1 appearance detection
All warehousing products, we will perform the appearance inspection, and do detailed inspection records
· manufacturer, manufacturer number, quantity, production date and environmental standard test
· packaging inspection, whether the packaging is intact/intact, and whether the packaging materials meet the MSL standard requirements
· screen printing (Marking) inspection, consistency check, check the original factory specification and documentation
· material appearance test, dust status, Pin feet deformation, Pin foot signs of oxidation
· HS CODE inspection, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information
Step 2 engineer review
All materials found in the inspection of the appearance, or the materials supplied by the "primary supplier" in the supplier channel shall be reinspected by the engineer
· review process of appearance detection
· refer to the quality control database, and check the manufacturer's label/logo and code identification
· barcode scanning detection
· check the factory batch number (Lot No.) with the original factory, production date, wafer/encapsulation of the origin
· simple electrical performance test
Step 3 quality test
All products that fail to be identified during the inspection process will enter the quality testing process
· weldability test
D. - CAP analysis
· anatomy analysis
· electrical performance consistency test
· original plant test analysis report
Database management
The strict quality control process is zhao heng DE technology to ensure customers to use effective means of "zero defect" products and powerful IT systems, real-time quality control database management is the most strong backing. All details of the goods in and out of the goods will be uploaded to the g&d technology quality control database and archived for filing, including:
· quality control list, detailed information of warehouse entry
· sample return for archiving
· purchase detailed information for photos and archives
· shipping details to take photos and archive
· the information of unqualified goods is archived. The supplier shall submit the corresponding supplier audit/grading management system process
· quality test analysis method/report archive
· archive the contact mode of the factory
Not only that, in order to continuously strengthen the strength of the quality testing department, trillion heng DE set up relevant courses on a regular basis and experience exchange, enrich our quality engineer's professional knowledge, keep pace with The Times.