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 Ensure the quality of original product it is more than a slogan, it's more like the lifeline of the HK ShunChiu. We has been established a sound and perfect supply chain management system. Whether it is from the original factorys grading system to monitor of each order, or from the original factorys grading system to quality inspection process.

With over 800 suppliers' global purchasing network and the ability to control the mainstream electronic components, the company has been recognized as a "qualified supplier" by many well-known enterprises. 

We have a global purchasing network which with more than 800 the suppliers. With a global supply network and market experience for many years, we can promise our customer three parts:

(1)Promise support deliver the goods quickly and provide the shortage goods.

(2)Promise provide the most accurate original factory information and the marketing trend.

(3)Promise feedback the latest market information to clients.