Corporate culture
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Corporate social responsibility

The fulfillment of CSR is not only an international and social expectation and requirement for enterprises, but also an inner need for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and to be suspected of sustained and healthy development.

1. Human rights

Trillion heng DE within the scope of the enterprise can affect the support and respect to the international community to make maintenance of the declaration of human rights, not protect human rights abuses, eliminate the jehol form of forced labor, to eliminate the difference discrimination in employment and occupation.

2. The environmental protection

In response to environmental problems, zhaohengde also prepared to take the responsibility of environmental protection and promote the development and popularization of environmental protection technology.

3. Moral construction

In addition to actively taking measures against corruption and other forms of corruption, such as extortion and bribery, the company also actively participates in volunteer service, disaster organization donation and other contributions to society.