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Enterprise training system:

Establishing and improving effective enterprise training system is the core task of training management. Whether the training system is effective is whether the training system provides the best human resources for the improvement of enterprise competitiveness and the strategic goal of the enterprise

The company establishes a system, development and training management system, training course system and training implementation system in the enterprise.

Trillion heng DE company training management system, including training system, training policy and the responsibilities of the management personnel training management, training, training evaluation system, information gathering feedback and management training budget and cost management, training and performance evaluation system of management and a series of related to training.

Trillion heng DE company refers to establish and perfect the training system including corporate culture training, induction training, on-the-job training, professional knowledge and professional technical training, marketing, training, management and leadership skills training and a series of training courses with the characteristic of this enterprise.

My company's training system contains the ensure enterprise training system, and through the effective organization of training activities and implement, tracking and evaluation, improve and enhance, reflect the value of the training set of control process.