Corporate culture
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Corporate culture is the corporate soul:

As the world's leading technology marketing and distribution service company, zhaohengde is committed to creating maximum value for customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Company philosophy:

Guest: zhaohengde technology is oriented to customer needs and is committed to providing our customers with the most professional and efficient service.

Supplier: the two sides build mutual trust relationship and alliance, and work together to win the win-win situation.

Staff: people-oriented, respect the hard-working and motivated employees, and willing to share the company's growth benefits with excellent employees.

East: on the basis of long-term health development of zhaohengde technology, the present value maximization of shareholder value is realized.

Company belief:

Sense: the sheep have to kneel, the ravens have the sense of regurgitating;

The letter reads: the heavy goods, virtue is the world;

Time is money, efficiency is life.

Team: no "mediocrities", only "homo habilis";

Fengyu: diligent, quick, quick and honest.

Words: winners find ways, losers make excuses.

Service: where and where the guest is;