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ShenZhen ZhaoHengDe Technology Co.,Ltd

ShenZhen ZhaoHengDe Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in May 31, 2009, the company set research and development, sales as one, to provide products and services in the areas of electronics industry, including consumer electronics, communications, industrial control, automotive electronics, security, new energy, medical equipment, etc. The main agent distribution TI, XILINX, ADI, ST, ON, MAXIM, ATMEL, ISSC and other related electronic products business.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the principle of "people-oriented" and cultivated and promoted the quality of staff. The company emphasizes simple and transparent information communication and promotes the team spirit of competition and mutual assistance. Create an open and trusting culture, respect individual flexibility and innovation, and advocate the loyalty and dedication of employees; Uphold the concept of "where the customer is and where the service is".

Company's strategic goal: build a learning team of competition and cooperation; We are committed to providing high quality, diversified electronic components supporting services and technical support for the rapid transition of end customers." Be a loyal friend of customers and upstream resources.